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Renovierung Zalaszanto Herbst 2013

Thanks a lot for your interest in our Stupa project, and your generosity to pass the news around.

In addition to the short description above I would like to mention very seriously that Lord Buddha said, if someone helps the Stupa, this person will be reborn in a celestial realm or as a human being.
The Peace-Stupa symbolizes the end of the Buddhist path – the realization of one´s own mind, the perfect enlightenment. It stands for freedom from all afflictive emotions as well as from their
tendencies, and the unfolding of all faculties of the mind especially the unfolding of the perfect wisdom of a Buddha. It is at the same time a symbol for the overcoming of all obstacles and veils.
Here, as agreed, the most relevant facts about the Stupa building in Austria:

- Head of the project is the Buddhist monk Bop Jon Sunim Tenzin Tharchin (Jin Soo Lee)
- The plot of land embraces 1.5 ha and was already purchased
- A great beneficial Stupa
- Well-known artists have promised their
- His Holiness The Dalai Lama signed and blessed the building plans and handed over to us five reliquaries of the Buddha
- The mayor of the place in question, the Government of Lower Austria, and also the Catholic Church are supporting the Stupa project
- The new Stupa in Austria is to be open to all people
- It also should become a memorial for world peace as the Buddha prophesied that just in our time we have to live to see a particular hard time. It will be the Stupas which rescue all sentient beings
The Stupa in Austria will be an international project which needs all of major support. Therefore we would be very thankful for your sponsoring and forwarding of our request

First of all we would like to invite you to come into peace and recover life force at this thousand year old power and healing place within the vineyards at Wagram.
With best wishes

(Jin Soo Lee)

Tel: 0043 664 2282 166

The Peace Stupa of Zalaszanto

This Peace Stupa on the 316m high mountain over Zalaszanto, with view of the Balaton, has a height of 30m and width of 24m. It is Europe's largest Stupa. It may be a contribution to the world peace! Buddha's teachings, his relics and a 24m high tree of life are inside the Stupa. The statue of Buddha originates from South Korea. The Stupa symbolizes Buddha's spirit, in addition, Buddha’s wisdom, sympathy and love for all living beings. It is the symbol of peace, happiness and inspiration. His holiness, the 14. Dalai Lama himself, Tenzin Gyatso, inaugurated this Stupa on 17 June 1993 joyfully. This Monument developed on initiative of the Buddhist monk Bob Jon Sunim from Korea, the president of the Buddhist Peace Stupa Foundation in Hungary. Tibetan Buddhist monks were helping very much.

Largest Stupa in Europe

Many a tourist will be surprised to see a white building radiating far into the country on a mountain summit south of Suemeg when he drives on its travel to Hungary toward Balaton or the famous bathing resort H6viz. lf he drives into this direction, he will reach the idyllic place named Zalaszanto. Here one finds a sign with the inscription "Stupa".

The same happened to me in 2001. I was totally surprised to find a Stupa, 30m high and 24m wide, on the mountain Konvácsi Hegy (316m) above the village. Below there is a temple. Here 1 met the man who created everything with the aid of Buddha (as he says). His name is Bob Jon Sunim. He comes from South Korea and was ordained a monk in Thailand following a Thai tradition.

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